Care & Cleaning



Vacuum regularly (once a week minimum, more in high traffic areas) to prevent soil from penetrating fibers.  Set adjustable beater bar/brush to highest setting. Recommended Vacuum: Miele (upright style with electrobrush)


Lindstrom Rugs uses only the highest quality Swiss dyes that are the most fade-resistant. There are no dyes, though, that are completely resistant to the effects of sunlight.  Materials left in direct sunlight will fade over time.  To lessen this effect, it is recommended to regularly turn a rug so it fades evenly.


Our carpets are hand-knotted and hand-sheared; therefore some strands of wool or silk may sprout. If this occurs, do not worry, your carpet is not unravelling. All you need to do is take a pair of sharp scissors and snip the strand. Do not pull on the thread.


Natural fibers such as wool and silk are cleanable and durable.   If spills occur, time is of the essence to ensure that a spot does not become a stain.

As soon as possible, vacuum up dry spills.  Blot wet spills (rather than scrub or wipe), using a clean, cotton cloth.  The idea is to lift soil/liquid up from the rug, rather than pushing it down into the pile.  Always work from the outside of a spill to the center. 

If residue remains, in most cases, carbonated water alone will lift remaining material.  Warm water and a mild dish soap can also be used.  Do not over wet the rug.

For spills on bamboo silk, hemp, cactus, or nettle, professional cleaning is recommended. When immediate attention is required, blot spills with clean cloth or paper towel to absorb liquid.  Air dry rather than heat dry.

Professional cleaning is always recommended for larger spills as well as for spots that do not readily respond to treatment as specified.